Affiliate Program Overview: is one of the first integrated search engine on the internet. The results we display are the pay per click results from 7 of the largest pay per click search engines plus our own bided results. While other pay per click search engines query only their own database, we query 7 external databases and one internal search database. Surfers are presented with a wide variety of relevant results. This makes FirstBookmark more effective for surfers and affiliates. affiliate program pays 75% of the bided terms to our affiliate webmasters. We get the highest bided terms from 7 search engines to maximize your revenue. FirstBookmark allows the advertiser to reach the specific niche of their choice. Some search engines have better payout for some categories of searches other search engines in completely different categories. We sort the results by the amount of money webmasters receive for every click, meaning that you will always have the highest possible rate per click-through regardless of your traffic interest or category. Our current webmasters are making an average of 0.08 dollars per click, making of us one of the highest payment program not only from search engines related categories but from pay per click advertisement networks. We accept webmasters from all over the world and all websites as long as you comply with our terms and conditions.

Sending traffic to affiliate program is very easy. Webmasters may put a search box on their personal/corporate websites and/or build text clicks advertisement in order to send us traffic. You are allowed to change the boxes or the format of the text click advertisement to fit your needs, we are very flexible in the way you could send us traffic in order to make our webmasters as much revenue as possible. accepts affiliates regardless of the country of residence and regardless of the content of their website, including adult oriented websites. Note that adult oriented websites should use a different linking code, provided in the stats page, in order to suite adult advertisement terms. does not accept illegal websites as defined by USA or Canadian laws, including violence, hate, racist, warez, child pornography, hacking, etc oriented websites. payment it's made every week like clockwork, as long as minimum limit of 100 dollars is reached. If you make less than that, we carry it forward. Unlike some search engines your revenue does not disappear if you do not reach the minimum amount. Payment is one of the most important affiliate programs areas, that is why we pay every week. We also have the option to pay you by bank wire transfer or by courier. is run and managed by OA Internet Services LTD. an advertising company paying webmasters for more than 5 years. We pay on time every week like clockwork. We provide you with real-time statistics on your personal stats page. Unlike other search engines that show you the revenue earned with a delay of more than 1 day, we feel that it is important to have real-time stats on the fly so you will sleep well knowing that we don't alter your stats/revenue. Unlike other search engines that display the funds earned only by total amount earned, we think that it is important to have real-time stats sorted by day, week, month and year so you will always know how your campaigns are doing and make the changes needed. We work for you so you will maximize your profits by getting accurate and helpful statistics. affiliate program maximizes your potential revenue by showing the highest bided terms from 7 search engines and our own database. Because of our size, we can negotiate higher payouts and allows us to pay webmasters every single week, making us not only the best search engine affiliate program, but one of the best pay per click affiliate programs on the internet.

In order to become an affiliate you have to do the following:
Step 1: Carefully read and understand our program Terms and Conditions
Step 2: Complete our application form.
Step 3: Get your codes and start making Money!

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